The Group will be called: 'Friends of Alney Island'

1. The aims of the group will be:

'To conserve Alney Island, its flora, fauna and wildlife habitats as a community resource and promote its use by local people as a place fro the quiet enjoyment and study of the countryside'

'To promote practical conservation works through voluntary action for the benefit of the local environment and community'

'To develop information & education packs to foster an understanding of the Island including its long heritage and position in the life of the city'

2. To fulfill these aims the Group will: in co-operation with others plan, organise and carry out practical conservation works and such other activities as the group sees fit to promote its aim. The Group will also raise money and other support for its activities in support of its aims.

3. Membership of the Group will be open to any individual or community organisation interested in supporting the above aims. Membership fees will be set at each Annual General Meeting.

4. Members Meetings: the Group will hold regular, publicised open meetings, which any member will be entitled to attend. All  members will have a single vote at such meetings.

5. Executive Committee: this Committee should have a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 12 members appointed at the Annual Genera Meeting. The Executive Committee should have the power to co-opt as felt appropriate to meet their work programme.

6. Group Officers:
will be appointed at the first meeting of the Executive following the Annual General Meeting.Officers shall be Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Officer.

7. Finances: accounts will be kept by the treasurer, submitted to, and approved by an Annual General Meeting. The Executive will set up a suitable Group bank account and will appoint authorised signatories on a two from three basis.

The group will maintain appropriate insurance cover for volunteers working on its behalf and for third party claims for personal injury or damage to property.

If the Group shall, by a two thirds majority decision of its members at an AGM or EGM* cease to exist then its assets shall pass to another local group whose aims seem appropriate.



*EGMs and Special meetings to be called with at least two weeks notice and publicised to members, and by a notice in the local newspaper stating the purpose of the meeting.